#thebroom 🧹 '

a garden '

to me, #thebroom 🧹 ' is a garden ' ⚫️ '

this garden is collaboratively governed by many gardeners and tenders, of whom i am just one ' as such, this is my explication of the garden of #thebroom 🧹 ' 🌱 '

a network '

for me, #thebroom 🧹 ' is also a network that facilitates the creation and resilience of /networks/ '

for me, a /network/ is a /net/ of people to leave offerings and receive offerings of /work/
     that expand and refine the work practiced in this network '   
          for the sake of /the/ network
               of each and every being     and collective beingness '
     building sovereignty and relations between sovereign sols ' 
     〰〰 ' 
     〰〰 ' 
     〰〰 ' 
     〰〰 ' 
    🔔 '
          🔔 '      🔔 ' 

calendar '

a full calendar of group work offerings from #thebroom 🧹 ' can be found here '

u can add it to ur google calendar if u would like to be kept up to date on our group work offerings ! ' 🙏🏽

ways '

for me, it's imperative that every network has many ways to travel and explore '

a /way/ is one of many ways ' and each being's way often traverses many different ways '   in these times, especially, i feel it is oppressive and unsafe for people to be exposed only to singular ways of being     or to b forced or coerced into traveling only along another being's path '

as such, #thebroom 🧹 ' is not a community that is dedicated to one way of being, or one lineage of doctrine, but instead supports /many/ different ways of being and /many /lineages//      which we call /ways/ ' 

u can read about some of the ways of #thebroom 🧹 ' below 🌱 '