spiral 🌀🔷 '

intro '

spiral 🌀🔷 ' is a 1-on-1 coaching container focused on nurturing liberation and expansion of the self ' 

on freedom '

for me, spiritual and material freedom is intertwined '

when we r not free, it's bc we r locked in place by spiritual circumstances '   

when we lack liberating material circumstances, it's difficult for spiritual liberation to occur '     

without spiritual liberation, we get trapped in spirals of scarcity '

my guarantee '

in spiral 🌀🔷 ' containers we will talk about both the spiritual /and/ material circumstances that feel obstructive to our growth '    

by training our selves physically /and/ metaphysically, we will work together to clear those obstructions and eventually u will be able to do it without me '    

this is my guarantee 🔷 '

next steps '

if u r interested in working with me, please inquire below '

once i receive ur query, we will communicate via email to determine whether we can find a fit for this container ! '