two bodies of water '

(aka fuck a twin flame) '

twin bodies of water don't fuck ' 
they mingle ' and then enter one another '
their waters may become connected but they remain separate bodies '
sustaining their own biomes '
of fish and flora and fauna and funghi '
and maybe some fae '

twin bodies of water don't    force connection   but






liminal '

(i clear something lingering in my nymph node

hidden from the light of day) '

🤭 '

where was i ? '
twin bodies of water ah ' yes '
twin bodies of water r 



just two bodies of water but all bodies of water share water that takes light from sun and blows away '
that goes away '
to come again another day '
and so we pray
(ashe ashe ashe ') '

i'm getting a little verklempt ' discuss amongst urselves ' 

ok so uh u have one body of water and another body of water and sometimes they don't connect and that's ok '
rite ? ' 
ok but over millions of years and many lifetimes it rains and rains and the water runs and runs down mountain slopes hills into aquifers and creeks burrowing thru the ground to make a way '

some day all bodies of water connect '

there was one day when pangaia was all the land and one body of water surrounded it '

or so the teachers say ' 



twin bodies of water to life ! 
twin bodies ' from infinity til today '
til infinity '
from water ' to vapor ' to ice ! '
to water ' to vapor ' to ice ! ' 
to water ' to vapor ' to ice ! ' 
from earth to fae to life ! ' 
from dust to fire to life ! ' 
from life to earth to dust decays '

the celestial navigators say '
this is my place for today '
ur welcome to stay '
as long as u don't make my place ur place and make me go away '
puto padre escucharme detente detente detente corajo detente '

is it done ma at is it done ? ' 
is it done ft is it done ? ' 
who's there ? 
may be     a pirate from alpha centauri   or a zeta grey ? ' 
the myceli can stay '
i'm working on arcturus with sirius and polaris and capella and mintaka and betelgeuse '
with the help of antares and ares and venus and alcyone and aldebaran in the body of isis '
to make daddy go away ' 

fuck off m8 ' kakakakaka ka ! ka ! ka ! kakakaka ka ! ka ! ka ! kakakaka ka ! ka ! ka !
go away ' 

the celestial navigators learn to say my place that is not ok '

what u did is not ok ' 

go away and think about what !   u !    did !       '

it is done ma at it is done '
it is done nt it is done '
it is done nftm it is done '
it is done skm it is done '
it is done ft it is done '
nobuhojimichaan out bbl gwan a.f.k. '

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  • salute 🙏🏾🕊️

    intrepid bodies

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