it's ur my apocalypse now 🌋🪞 '

they convinced us that 
    the ways of nature r savage     and that      
    the savaging of nature was polite ' 

they convinced us that
    forcing others to adapt was fitness '     no finesssssssseeee '
    and that was fine '
and that there was nowhere for adaptability to fit                    in this matrix '

and now this reign of error turns to rain    
   lightnin cloud strike down of terror '        pardon my ferro in the pallid heart of dein fuhrer             tirarnos tu territorios noussssssssssssssssssss         no           NO          think about it                               it's ur apocalypse now '

u can go tik tok on it now 

u can tap some type on ur kb and             go plagiarize a song on it now '                       and maybe when ur done when u've won and done drove the cost of it down
so far

there's nothin left to raise the price up on 
there'll be no sound on and u can think about it                     maybe then u'll say                     it's my apocalypse now ' 

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