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the words 'indara' and 'sutara' don't really come to me via my experience in this vessel '

the way that i experience gnosis that comes thru indara sutara is that it feels like it comes thru experience that does not belong to my vessel

the experience that belongs to my vessel relating to 'indara sutara' is that the first time i heard this term was standing in a forest in 'big sur' ' and i got to this forest having met with a former teacher of mine online ' i had had a session with her after having had a psychotic episode at the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 '

at the time, i was living in my van ' i had been traveling predominantly in a land named in current time "arizona" and i had been having experiences that felt both 'initiatory' and which put me at risk of 'losing my mind' '

i remember driving into northern arizona and screaming for about 20 minutes ' and then i parked in a rest area that looked over some of the mountains in northern arizona ' and it was the first time i channeled what i would loosely call 'taijiquan', via the vaster self that i call 'nobu the elder' '

i had stopped screaming ' so at this point i was only doing taijiquan conspicuously ' and no longer screaming conspicuously ' when i had been screaming i was alone ' behind the wheel of my van '

fmp of the perspectives of my lineages, our reality arises in the intelligence of the body of a vaster being ' it arises in the co-created myth that is transmitted between the sols of each cell in the body of this vaster being ' and this myth is chiefly authored by a personality that arises in that intelligence ' i will not say the name of this personality as it has been named in our reality ' i will only say that it's not the entirety of the intelligence of that body ' it is a transient state of being in that intelligence that manifests as humanity, which is a fragment of the intelligence of our planet, which is one perspective of the intelligence of the universe ' and from this perspective of the intelligence of the universe arises what we call our universe ' in this perspective planets look like planets ' stars look like stars ' there is a space in which planets can be farther away from one another or closer to one another ' there is a time in which we can be in one part of space and then in another ' and in different moments of time we can be closer and closer to one another and those moments may follow one another from ~ let's say ~ left to right or right to left '

sutara ' 

the word 'sutara' in malayalam loosely means 'thread' ' this is a language which i know as being 'dravidian' ' and i would say that it means sth that is closer to the meaning of the word 'connection' ' and i would say that connection is a fairly abstract concept ' these days we may talk about connection in the sense of 'wifi' and 'bluetooth' ' and we understand, on some level, that it's something that we cannot see that allows us to communicate in symbols ' and sound ' and we also understand that sound is something that we cannot see ' but we understand that it has an imprint on our experience, even though it doesn't feel like sth that we can touch '

maybe if i scream at u then u may feel the hotness of my breath and the force of the air that i expel in order to make sound ' or maybe u feel the way the bass from a loudpeaker exerts a force on ur body when u r close to it ' but for the most part i would say that sound is not something that we see and that we only sometimes feel ' otherwise it is mostly invisible and does not have form, but still /informs/ and even could be said to dominate the form of our experience ' in the time of the people who experienced reality in ways that r now part of my experience, in ways that also do not appear to have form but r nonetheless /very/ strongly felt, they did not have words for things that they could not see and could not touch ' they had words like 'thread' and the people that i have been sharing experience with had the word 'sutara' '

the way that the word 'sutara' is used nowadays is often related to 'teaching' ' and i feel it is perhaps intuitive and perhaps not intuitive how this may be related to the concept of a 'transmission' that occurs via a 'connection' ~ like 'wifi' or 'bluetooth' ' and i would say that all of these bridges between words r 'egregoric' relative to the /meaning/ of the /sound/ 'sutara' ' and i will say that this egregore is far closer to the /shape/ of the /meaning/ of the sound 'sutara' ~ our experiences have helped us to learn to create tools that help us to create experiences that help us to create words like 'connection' and tools that we call things like 'wifi' or 'bluetooth' that help us to create experiences that can be said to resemble more closely the /shape/ of the experiences that were originally created with the sound 'sutara' ' and this happened in a reality which is very close to us in relative space ~ it happened on earth ~ but very far away in the space of our reality and its time '

we have come a long    long         way '

indara sutara '

in my gnosis, 'indara sutara' lives in the heart space ' it is the context of space and time which is in the subtle organ of the heart space ' it is the 'pearl' of the 'middle see' ' 'indara' etymologically means 'pearl' and so 'indara sutara' is the 'pearl of connection' ' it is the artifact that forms in the middle see (or middle dan tian) from the mineral content of see ' which is chiefly fed by the heart chakra and the solar plexus and the throat chakra ' but these chakras can be themselves be 'corded' to other chakras and to the spiritual energy of other bodies ' and so these chakras and the sees that they feed can become 'polluted' ' and therefore the pearl of connection can become distorted '

     indara '

     the other correspondence of the word 'indara' is to another sanskrit word 'indra', which connects to the name of a deity named 'indra' and the cosmology related to 'indra's net' ' again, u may see that the difference between the sanskrit 'indra' and the malayalam 'indara' relates to the presence of vowel sounds, which is characteristic of differences between sanskrit and languages in the proto-dravidian family ' as i've said in the past, sanskrit is what i have called in some places a 'spirit tongue' ~ a somewhat arbitrary 'category' of tongues that r very close to light languages due to the fact that they r reserved in ways for ritual and praxis and experience that reduces the extent to which the sounds accumulate the density of 'earth tongues' which become denser thru usage in the communication of mundane activities '

     my understanding of the myth relating to indra's net is that it constitutes the matrix of our reality ' fmp, and the perspective of my lineages, it's a weaving of threads of space and time, which in their selves r fabrications of sol '

     when i say that indara sutara relates to the etheric sol, it's a term of art ' for me, a sol is a quantization of the music of reality ' and that quantization can happen at different scales ' when i say that the etheric sol is the context of space and time which lives in the space that indara sutara forms around, i'm referring to a specific quantization of the awareness of the universe '

     in music, quantization refers to the way in which the timing of the beginning of a note and the end of a note can be rounded to the nearest measure of time ' a context of space and time which constitutes a sol is a quantization of space and time within a category of fabrics that have common characteristics that we tend to refer to as 'space' and within a category of fabrics that have common characteristics that we tend to refer to as 'time', which tend to combine in ways that create fabrics that have common characteristics that we tend to call 'space time' and 'time space' ' and this space time, or indara sutara is how we connect to indra's net, which is the matrix of our reality ~ constitutions of selfhood within the body of the one which recognize and arise from fabrics that have common characteristics that we call space time '

this is where we tend to access the experience of what people tend to call 'past lives' ' this is where we access the experience of 'sky ancestors' ~ which is what my lineages call 'past lives' fmp ' and we can also have sky ancestors that share genetic code with our current incarnation, which means that we can be connected to the experiences of life forms that exist both in our earth ancestral akash and our sky ancestral akash and that we may connect more strongly with those ancestors bc we have that affinity both at the genetic level of ether and at the genetic level of our bodies, also known as d n a and epigenetic marking '

most of my gnosis of dravidian lineages comes from sky ancestry, not from earth ancestry ' but bc many of my earth ancestors have experience with land that was occupied by people who shared earth ancestry with my sky ancestors, there r overlapping sounds and cymatic doorways that r opened by those overlapping sounds, thru which i receive gnosis of concepts like indara sutara and indara kala and indara nidara '

many of the geometries that i'm speaking of may inflect upon egregores of appropriation and authenticity in ways that may be controversial ' in current time and in the spiritual climate of current time, we tend to think of authenticity in a way that is overly anchored to the appearance of a practitioner, and how easily we r able to draw associations between their appearance and ancestral lineages, that is mostly based on egregoric ideas about how people who occupied particular lands and had particular experiences look ' and if that accounts for any ancestral ties at all, i would say that it only accounts for earth ancestral ties but it does so in a way that is unclean and doesn't account for sky ancestry at all '

this is not to say that ungrounded appropriation does not occur but if a vessel is really well grounded then ime they r able to pick up on connections between their earth ancestors and their sky ancestors which may appear unexplainable or may only be explainable by egregores known as 'appropriation' to people who r outside of the relationship between that vessel and its sky ancestors ' which is to say that somebody who looks like they have no connection to dravidian lineages may have a stronger connection to dravidian lineages than somebody who looks like they have an earth ancestral connection to dravidean lineages ' and somebody who looks like they have a connection to dravidean lineages may have a stronger connection to nordic fae lineages '

when the music of reality is quantized at various scales, then sometimes those quantizations of sol can interact and when they interact, sometimes they can collide ' and when they collide, sometimes more disintegration of sol happens ' sometimes entanglement forms between these particles of sol ' and sometimes that entanglement becomes what i would call enmeshment ' and the difference between enmeshment and entanglement relates to how much experience is allowed thru a particular geometry of quantized sol '

the threshold for what constitutes entanglement vs enmeshment is different at different levels of consciousness or at different levels of reality ' and enmeshments r what constitute karma at a given level of reality and consciousness ' which is to say that what constitutes enmeshment or karma at our level of consciousness is not necessarily what constitutes enmeshment or karma at a vaster level of consciousness ' but in order to maintain the structure of the body of the one from this perspective of the body of the one, certain levels of consciousness need to maintain a hierarchy that allows for structured communication within the body of one, and therefore healthy functioning of the body of the one '

so within our realm of reality, there's a certain threshold that defines the difference between crystalline transmission of experience, arising from entanglement, or structures of karma that structure our realm ' and below that threshold there is enmeshment which constitutes karma within our realm that can be released without destroying the structure of our realm within the overall structure of the consciousness of the body of the one '

and certain formations of karma constitute forms and thoughts, that relate to symbolic-conceptual formulations of energy that our consciousness is shaped into, which is informed by material, which is heavily associated with sound ' so as sound is associated over and over again for each vessel and within collective consciousnesses that belong to orchestrations of those vessels ~ which we might call cultures, or lineages, or societies ~ then forms and sounds and experiences of forms become highly coupled thru repetition ' and these thoughts become forms of karma ' or tools, or menu items, within the restaurant of collective consciousness '

when we encounter reality in ways that cause the music of reality to flow thru our vessels as light that hits the receptors of our eyes ' or as perturbations of air that cause our ear drums to vibrate, that cause electrical signals to reach our brain via the instruments of our ears ' or via electrical signals that arise from the compression and expansion of certain mechanisms within the cells of our body, which we relate to as touch ' then i would say that the music that arises from the transmissions of electricity, or electromagnetic energy, or light find matches amongst the menu items within collective consciousness, that consist of repetitive associations between experiences of material and sounds '

and then our experience is composed for many people in a way that is dominated by thought ' but there is also experience that can be vaster than and inclusive of thoughts without being dominated by thoughts ' and so there is space to experience interactions between material which does not necessarily automatically invoke previous associations between sounds and words and forms of material ' and there is space for creativity there ' and there is space for experiencing the intelligence of the cosmos there, without necessarily grabbing for the thoughts that people who came before us have put into the collective realm of human consciousness '

fmp, part of the reason we have bluetooth and wifi is bc people were able to suspend the reflexive attachment to thought forms that other people had before ' so part of the reason that i am able to communicate indara sutara as the pearl of connection, without having to show u a literal thread that connects two coconut hulls, is bc people were able to avoid or detach from reflexively reaching for thought forms that people had previously contributed to the shared akash of human consciousness ' and i pray that this sheds light on some of the other benefits of innovation and creativity that may arise from an earnest praxis of the spiritual refinement of one's vessels ~ from and to indra's net, via the heart '


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