even guanyin needs a stick 🌱 '

when i was just out of university ' sorta ' i still had a thesis on binaural hearing to complete but i had convinced myself that i was gonna switch my course of study from mechanical engineering and computer science to architecture and philosophy ' mostly bc of a girl tbh '

when i was just out of university ' sorta ' i broke up with my wife at the time ' we had been married so that she could live away from her parents bc she found them abusive and in australia u r eligible to receive a stipend from the government if u study full time and if u r married ' the alternatives were to become pregnant or to claim abuse ' the former seemed like it would be abusive to the child and the latter seemed abusive to her parents ' so we were married in a court of law and we lived together but the relationship soured and w e   b  r o ke up '

when i was just outta university ' more or less ' i was a frequent persona in the party scene of my home town and one of my friends ' his name is brad ' was a person who threw parties and made clothes ' he needed to use my sewing machine once ' and so he came over and he told me that he also needed to use my sewing skills ' so i listened carefully to his requirements and measured his legs '
    pants tighter than leggings were the fashion of the time '
    a broken clock tells the right time twice a day '
        or so they say '

we decided to sew on the outside of each leg rather than the inside '
    the inseam sees much more wear and tear than the outseam '
i told brad that somebody hated me and he said
    how could anyone hate u '
    ur like gandhi '
    and i would have said guanyin at the time
        if i knew her name
            and maybe so would have he 
    but i didn't know what to say at the time '
    gandhi was known as a great man and i was just a kid who had broken up with his wife, was about to abandon 6 years of coursework to embark on 6 more '
    so i just kept sewing '

but given another chance i would say 
    even guanyin needs a stick ' ⚫️🟪🌱 '
even an old sage needs a name 🌱 '
even jesus needed a shtick 🌱 '

it's difficult to develop a shtick and make it stick without making it stick '
it's difficult to make it stick '
    ask ye '
without making it so sticky it goes viral and often the people who work on making viruses get sick 🌱 '
    i loved it when ye said i'm not out of control i'm just out of they control but lately it seems out of his own control and the things he says r making me sick ⚫️ '
    and i consider whether he was ever in control while outside of they control '
    i wonder if it's possible to enjoy the carrot without the stick 🟪 '
i consider whether it's possible to wield the stick considerately '
as i wield a stick 🟪 '

(i know that what i just said is non dual but i don't parlay in nondualism it's a shtick 🤭 ')

i said what i said ⚫️ '
it is what it is ⚫️ '

see     non duality is everywhere      
saying non dual things doesn't make u special '
in my experience it makes u sick 🤭 '

we do give a lot of attention to people who parlay in nondualism tho '
it's very difficult to pick apart non dual assertions '
they have the scent of aphorism but if u can't pick it apart then how can u tell what makes it tick ? '

if u can't understand what someone is saying how can u tell what makes them tick ? '

and so we listen compassionately
    in order to understand
but even guanyin needs a stick 🌱 '


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