energetic hygiene •

the physical body could be considered one manifestation of the energy — or light — body ·

what we typically observe of the physical body might be considered "third density" — a state of perception that allows us to perceive our self as separate from other ·

this is layered on top of "second density" — a density of consciousness that allows for group consciousness and is most viscerally available to our perception in the way that the cells of our body "automatically" communicate in order to move in concert ·

"first density" might be considered the "raw material" of our physical body · the quanta that make up sub-atomic particles, that make up atomic particles, that make up our cells ·

each of these densities of consciousness are linked to the energy centers that occupy the micro-cosmic orbit that circulates from the root chakra (or first energy center) to the crown chakra (seventh energy center) and back down again — ideally ·

blockages that accumulate at the energy centers (and in the channels and meridians that connect these energy centers) can "hijack" or "usurp" our conscious awareness ·

this means that when we encounter energetic contexts that "resonate" with the energetic texture of these blockages, our conscious awareness, and often our energy, is given to programs and entities that attach their selves to these blockages · what many traditions call "thought form complexes" ·

energetic hygiene is about clearing these programs and the blockages, or "distortions", that provide traction for these programs to attach to · it is almost impossible to use a word that does not have the negative connotations of concepts like "karma" or "blockage" — what i intend to gently emphasize is that blockages are obstructions to flow · they can be, in times or across times in contexts, appropriate for shaping our experience, as well as the meaning and the wisdom that we derive from our experience ·

when blockages begin to create tension or pain or dysregulated happiness, it may be appropriate for our (energy) bodies to release them ·  

as we cultivate the coherence — crystalline consciousness — of our vessels, the flow of energy in our energy body becomes both stronger and vaster · our conscious awareness may become aware of myriad layers of the energy body, from various densities of consciousness, perhaps even different realms that are encoded or communicated in the frequencies of these densities ·

it could be said that the vaster the frequencies we are able to receive and sense, the more surface area we have for identifying blockage · the stronger the flow of energy we are able to hold in our body, the more power we have for clearing it ·

in practice, particularly in modernity, our energy bodies are often dis-integrated — our parts are often unable to communicate with one another or do so with significant loss of signal · the flow of energy through our body can often be both narrow and weak ·

in these cases, the intervention of those with stronger and / or vaster energy flow can assist in clearing enough blockage so that we are consciously aware of our own flow of energy and can use it to heal our selves · 

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