da-na •

the tradition of da-na, as has been related to me via my lineages, is of making an offering without attachment to whether it is received, or whether an offering is made in return . / ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ° ' . •

there is a desire to clarify the nature of da-na, from the perspective of my lineages, for two main reasons — 1 / in current time, there are issues of consent that have the tendency of stirring up inflammation in the mind of somatic awareness . ' 2 / within the system of capitalism, there is a focus and fixation on exchanges of particular arrangements of energy . these arrangements are referred to as "capital" and many other forms of energy are merely ignored . what this tends to lead to is entrenched and asymmetrical stagnation in the flow of capital and the unconscious production of unuseful forms of energy and the unconscious depletion of useful forms of energy in a way that is not offset by the exchange of capital . in the container of "energy work" or spiritual healing, this tends to lead towards uncompensated labor . ' ' ' • . °

many energy workers perform collective work and individual work at great expense of both capital and time . this expense can come in the form of outlay or opportunities to accumulate capital via the dedication of time that is instead spent doing the necessary inner work to refine a vessel that is capable of being a conduit for moving energy in order to do energy work . ' ' ' • . ° in this sense, the layers of obfuscation between they who receive the work and they who produce the work are many . many are occluded from the somatic awareness of their physical and metaphysical bodies . many only perceive the past and the present of their timelines . the material manifestation of energy work can be measured only in the income of gross entropy of timelines available to they who receive the work, before and after the work has been received . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' • . ° as such, the work cannot be measured materially ' the work can only be experienced ' what can be experienced is occluded by that which the work removes ' only fairly refined vessels may experience and quantify the amount of work they have received in current time ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' • . °

in the perspective of my lineages, liberation is not achieved by accumulating new thought forms to add to or update old thought forms that inform behavior in consensus reality . ' ' ' ' ' ' • . ° liberation is achieved by opening ways for the stuck energies that present obstacles to the just flow of energy to detach from the beingness that they become stuck to . ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' • . ° in this way, imbalances between capital, useful and unuseful energy may be harmonized harmoniously . in this way is stagnation assumed by harmony . ' in this way is creation preserved to create ' ° • · 


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